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Answer to Question 10.
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Question 10.

I would like some Special Effects Explosions
Gun Shot Wounds, ( Bullet Hit Squibs )
Can I buy them ?
Can I make them myself ?
What would I use to make the Squib or Squibs & Explosions from ?


Special Effects Explosions & Special Effects Bullet Wound Squibs are a very specialised area of the Film Industry that require a Special Effects Technician who is Licensed to do this type of work in the Film Industry.

I have seen information on the internet that shows ways to make an Explosive Bullet Hit Squib, using gunpowder or fire crackers or other chemicals and I must warn you that from what I have read this information is not at all professional, is incomplete and would be Very Dangerous even if you followed the instructions.

You should not attempt to make or use any Explosive Special Effects or Bullet Hit Squibs as this is very dangerous to both yourself and your cast & crew members.

You must have a Licensed Specialist for this type of work.

Dont even try to purchase Explosives or Squibs by saying you are making a film and are purchasing them for your Special Effects people and they will be used by your effects technician.
We All Know that BS
Your Licensed SFX Technician will need to show his licence to purchase explosives before he can obtain these items..

All Special Effect Explosives are powerful enough to remove or seriously damage your hands and fingers, your eyes, any soft body tissue, internal organs including your heart and can damage your hearing permanently.

An explosive bullet hit squib effect on the head can shatter the skull and the bone splinters will pierce the brain and that person will die.

Make no mistake, the inappropriate use of even a small Explosive Charge can cause death..

This is a Very Serious Safety Issue and the use of explosives in film production has required a licence in every country I have worked in.

Do Not attempt to do it without:-

A Correctly Licensed Special Effects Technician.......

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